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New MPD Checklist

The Magnet website contains information you will need as you continue your journey. Take time to review the Magnet Recognition Program® by visiting the main Magnet page.

Once you are on this page you should use the drop down or the column to the left to navigate to key items of information listed below:

  • Manual Updates
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Demographic Data Collection Tool™(DDCT)
  • Tables and Templates
  • Contact Information for Magnet staff
  • Consultation Services
  • International Information (if applicable)

From the home page click on the button that says "Initial Applicants". You will notice three buttons at the top of the page: Eligibility, Fee Schedule, and Online application. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria and the fee schedule. If you are applying as a system keep in mind the following information:

  • System Applications: For those organizations submitting as a system a separate demographic report via the DDCT™, Research Table, and Nurse Manager Education Eligibility Table must be completed for each component organization of the system and submitted electronically via email to the Magnet Program Office at time of documentation submission.
  • System Written Documentation: In addition to the above required documents the data for 0012 and EP3EO (Nurse Satisfaction), 0023 andEP32EO (Nurse Sensitive Clinical Indicators), and 0026 and EP35EO (Patient Satisfaction) must be presented separately for each organization submitted in the system application. Separate tables and graphs must be presented for each organization. For NK4EO one completed research study must be presented for each organization or there must be clear representation by each organization if a combined study is presented. The outcome data must show an impact for each organization.

Fee Schedules

  • Appraisal Fees and Document Review Fee: submitted together. (Based on bed size and number of appraisers required to review your organization's documents). Each appraisal team has one team leader and 3-4 Team Members dependent on your organizations licensed bed number.
  • Site Visit Fee: submitted once a site visit has been determined (based on number of appraisers for your organization and site visit days) (Site Visit is NOT guaranteed).

Resources for a Successful Magnet Journey

Magnet Learning Communities®
The Magnet Learning Communities (MLC) is an exclusive online community for nurses engaged in improving patient care outcomes and excellence in nursing practice. The MLC provides an opportunity for nurses to connect and share best practices, resources, research, experiences, and strategies that have led to quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Through participation in the MLC you will gain access to recognized exemplary practices of Magnet facilities, be provided with tools and resources to support your organization's quest for excellence, expand your professional network, and discover how other Magnet-recognized facilities address similar organizational issues.

Learn More and Join!

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