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SE Healthcare Burnout Prevention Program

health care burnout nurse head

Nearly 7,000 ANA Members signed up for this program!
The enrollment period has ended.
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The COVID-19 pandemic amplified existing emotional distress and burnout challenges among nurses. The effects will remain long after the crisis has faded, so we need to start addressing them now.

That is why ANA has partnered with SE Healthcare to provide our members with free access to the Burnout Prevention Program.


Percent of intensive/critical care nurses experiencing feelings of exhaustion

American Nurses Foundation COVID-19 Survey Series (2020)


Percent of nurses feeling overwhelmed

American Nurses Foundation COVID-19 Survey Series (2020)


Percent of nurses who feel their employer values their mental health

American Nurses Foundation COVID-19 Survey Series (2020)


Percent of nurses who intend to leave their position in the next 6 months

American Nurses Foundation COVID-19 Survey Series (2020)

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