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An organization earns or renews the Pathway to Excellence® designation through a comprehensive review process.
Effective January 1, 2017, The Pathway to Excellence designation is granted for 4 years.

Steps of the Pathway to Excellence

Step 1: Online Application & Application Fee

Effective June 1, 2018, all application materials must be received via the Pathway portal at least 8 months before the requested date of the Pathway Standards document submission.
A completed Pathway application includes:

  • Submission of online application
  • CNO or DON curriculum vitae, copy of Hospital Operating Certificate or other independent verification of licensed beds, and Organizational Chart.
  • The application fee is non-refundable and will be due at the time of application.

The application will be processed when payment is received. The application fee must be paid by check or credit card in the Pathway portal.

Remittance address:

ANCC Pathway
P.O. Box 505035
St. Louis, MO 63150-5035

Step 2: Document Submission & Document Submission Fee

Organizations are required to:

  • Upload the Pathway Standards Document that includes the Organizational Overview, the Pathway Standards Written Responses, and the Organizational Demographic Form (ODF) via the Pathway portal
    • Process the document submission fee by check or credit card in the Pathway portal.

      Remittance address:   ANCC Pathway P.O. Box 505035 St. Louis, MO 63150-5035

  • Document Submission Fee
    • Document submission dates are
      • February 1,
      • April 1
      • June 1
      • August 1
      • November 1

Step 3: Appraisal Process

During the Appraisal Process, the document submission is evaluated by at least three ANCC nursing experts. Appraisers evaluate the content provided by the organization for each Pathway Standard requirement. An organization must meet all Pathway Standards.

Step 4: Nurse Survey

Following a successful Pathway Standards document review, the Pathway Nurse Survey is administered. Nurses in the organization confirm the integration of Pathway Practice Standards using a confidential online survey conducted by the ANCC. The organization must meet survey thresholds.

Step 5: Designation Decision

The Commission on Pathway to Excellence conducts a thorough review of the Pathway Standards document report and Pathway Nurse Survey results and makes the final decision regarding designation based on the appraisers' evaluations and the Pathway Nurse Survey results.

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